Friday, 6 November 2009

How I Make Pattaya Girls Buy Me Drinks

Did you know that there's some residents in Pattaya who live what I call the 'rockstar' lifestyle on nothing more than $1,000 a month? These guys are not young or particularly handsome, they just took the time to actually learn a little about Pattaya and more importantly about the girls of Pattaya.

You see, while thousands of thousands of single men come to the bars and gogos every night, throwing their money around to be seen as a big shot, there's guys behind the scenes waiting for those girls to finish working to come to their apartments. These are the guys I was talking about. They're Dan from America, Hans from Denmark, Tim from England, ordinary guys like you and me, who wised up to life in Pattaya.

One guy I know haven't bought a drink in 4 months and it's not because he doesn't drink. It's just that whenever he goes out, it's always with friends, girlfriends that is, who are more than happy to share their bottle with him. Another guy I know has a list of 30+ girls on call at his cellphone.

What do these guys do different from the hordes of tourists that come to Pattaya? Well, for one, they actually took an interest in the girls and where they come from. They learned about their lives, their backgrounds, heck maybe they even read a book! But you know what? When 21 year old Noi from Buriram finish work at the gogo, politely refuses the suitors to head home to her farang boyfriend, I bet that guy think he got a pretty good deal.

If you want to learn how to ditch barfines forever, I strongly suggest you read Pattaya Girls by Richard Gilmore. He's the guy who taught me the other side of Pattaya. The best side of Pattaya. It's only $20, or the price of a few beers. I think you'll appreciate the deal! Or read this article on Pattaya Girls.

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