Friday, 20 November 2009

Asian Dating Method Exposed - How To Hook Up With Asian Girls

"For every man who loves Asian Girls
and wants to know exactly how to get them!"

Why are you here? Let me guess, there's a girl in your life and she happens to be Asian? Maybe you met her at your college, in Chinatown? And now you have no idea how to date an Asian girl? Does her friends cockblock you and make her hard to approach? Does she have reservations as being labeled a slut if she dates a non-Asian? Is it just that you want to meet and seduce attractive Asian girls?

The Asian Dating Method will teach you how!

Most men are attracted to Asian girls, they just don't know it yet! That long silky black hair, that petite sexy body, great legs, an amazing smile and great personality. Asian girls are often very feminine. Those who have already had an Asian girlfriend will find it very hard to go back. Right? Asian girls are great girlfriends and excellenet wives. Most Asian cultures put a lot of emphasis on being kind, sweet and caring and Asian girls got that in abundance. Pretty damn hot as well!

Filipina, Thai, Chinese, Japanese? All Asian cultures share some similarities that are very different from what we're used to in the west. If you want to date Asian women, you have to understand were she is coming from and how you can use that information to present yourself to her as boyfriend material. She may even like you a lot, but if you can't get the acceptance of her social circle, her friends and family is never going to let that happen! This goes for Asian women in Asia as well as everywhere else.

Today, you get the chance to learn all about this from an awesome audio book and dvd, that's usually not available to the public, only to those who pay $1000 for a seminar.

Most books about dating Asian women are pure garbage, really, they are. They are written by outsiders, non-Asians and are of little use to anyone.

This one is different, written by the Asian Playboy aka. Johnny Wolf, he teaches guys how to 'break the code' when dating Asian women.:

  • How to 'trap' an Asian girl into becoming your girlfriend by sleeping with her FIRST!

  • How you can use a simple THREE STEP process to MEET, SEDUCE and SLEEP with hot Asian girls.

  • Excactly what to do AND what not to do! Avoid falling into the pittfalls that 90% of all guys do!

  • Learn the best, hidden places to meet Asian Girls!

How to build trust, comfort and DEEP RAPPORT with any girl in UNDER 5 MINUTES!
Johnny Wolf is a full-time Dating Coach and have taught hundreds of men how to get the Asian girl of their dreams. He is also a lecturer at Harvard University and a very successful businessman. There's really no one more qualified to teach you how to meet, seduce, sleep with AND keep Asian women than Johnny.

"Are you worried that you're too old, fat, bald, short, ugly, to use this information?"

Don't be! The information on Johnny Wolfs DVD isn't about looks, age or wealth. It's about becoming a man that no woman can resist and knowing exactly which buttons to push for Asian girls to fall madly and deeply in love with you.

I can only recommend you take action now and gives Johnny Wolf a chance to change your dating life for the better. Do you want to get the Asian girl of your dreams? Trust me, you wont regret it! Check out Asian Dating Method and make your own decision!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

My Thai Dating Site Recommendations

If you are reading this article, you are likely one of the thousands of men who would like to have a Thai girlfriend or Thai wife. That's great! Thai women are known for their beauty around the world. Sexy slim bodies, long black hair like silk and almond shaped deep brown eyes. Not only that, Thai girls are fun and easygoing and it is reason enough to start dreaming about Thailand. This article is about how to meet your Thai girlfriend on a Thai dating site. I have tried to list all the Thai dating sites, that I have tried and heard about.

Are you looking for fling, girlfriend or wife? Do you use Facebook already? Did you use Myspace? Or are you from the ICQ times? Online since yesterday?. Every one of the Thai dating sites are used by a different age group and for different things, so try to use one that fits you the best. Ok, without without wasting more of your time, lets have a look at where to find Thai girls online:

Social Networking Sites

These are not dating sites as such, but like all social media sites, they can be used for chatting with other people, including of course Thai women. There's a bunch of them. Hi5 is is very popular with teenagers and young Thais. If you're young enough to not get freaked out by Hello Kitty everywhere, then give it a shot. Tagged is also a very popular social site with Thai girls and women. Slightly older girls here, probably 20-30 years old. Facebook is gaining in popularity, but it's not as massively popular as in the West. Facebook is good to meet Thai women online who are students or work in international businesses.

Free Dating Sites

Is free really free and is it any good? There is one or two free strictly dating sites in Thailand and they are not that great, considering the alternatives. There's Date In Asia, which has a bad rep, though mostly because of scammers from the Philipines. It's possible to find the occasional diamond in the rough, but many times you will just be talking to serial internet chatters, ladyboys and girls on the take (if any of those rock your boat - do sign up!) Thailand Friends is a popular networking and dating site for Bangkok expats and Thai girls who'd like to meet them.

Paid Dating Sites

These fall into two categories: Dating sites and matchmaking services. I'm not going to go into paid matchmaking services as I think they they were more of a pre-internet thing. Of the paid dating sites, There's really only two worth mentioning: ThaiLoveLines and Thai Love Links. I have written a review for both on the website in the link. Both have their qualities but I recommend Thai Love Lines for several reasons (read my review, click the link).

Friday, 6 November 2009

How I Make Pattaya Girls Buy Me Drinks

Did you know that there's some residents in Pattaya who live what I call the 'rockstar' lifestyle on nothing more than $1,000 a month? These guys are not young or particularly handsome, they just took the time to actually learn a little about Pattaya and more importantly about the girls of Pattaya.

You see, while thousands of thousands of single men come to the bars and gogos every night, throwing their money around to be seen as a big shot, there's guys behind the scenes waiting for those girls to finish working to come to their apartments. These are the guys I was talking about. They're Dan from America, Hans from Denmark, Tim from England, ordinary guys like you and me, who wised up to life in Pattaya.

One guy I know haven't bought a drink in 4 months and it's not because he doesn't drink. It's just that whenever he goes out, it's always with friends, girlfriends that is, who are more than happy to share their bottle with him. Another guy I know has a list of 30+ girls on call at his cellphone.

What do these guys do different from the hordes of tourists that come to Pattaya? Well, for one, they actually took an interest in the girls and where they come from. They learned about their lives, their backgrounds, heck maybe they even read a book! But you know what? When 21 year old Noi from Buriram finish work at the gogo, politely refuses the suitors to head home to her farang boyfriend, I bet that guy think he got a pretty good deal.

If you want to learn how to ditch barfines forever, I strongly suggest you read Pattaya Girls by Richard Gilmore. He's the guy who taught me the other side of Pattaya. The best side of Pattaya. It's only $20, or the price of a few beers. I think you'll appreciate the deal! Or read this article on Pattaya Girls.