Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Thai Online Dating Sites - How to Spot Fakers - Date In Asia Scam

Thai online dating site are a great way to meet Thai women for marriage or dating. There are thousands of Thai singles waiting to chat with foreigners and the success stories are many. Many Thai-Foreign couples meet online and stay together happily ever after. But as with all good things, there are some that try to exploit these sites. These include insincere women looking for a good hearted foreigners to try and lure into sending them money or otherwise set them up later on. Some sites are notoriously worse than others. Google "Date In Asia Scam" and see what I mean. Stay away from those sites at all cost. How do you know if your Thai lady is genuine and has good intentions? Below is a list of warning signs to watch out for.

Your Thai lady may not be who she say she is if:

  • She invites you to a webcam 'show' within minutes of chatting to her
  • She asks a little too many questions about your financial status (though it's normal in Thailand to ask these questions in the beginning of a conversation).
  • She is very slow to answer back when you chat with her, she is probably chatting with 3 other guys at the same time.
  • She quickly mentions how she is poor.
  • She quickly tells you of some family emergency that will cost money.
  • She has a very attractive profile photo but does not want to send more or use webcam. Watch out if she asks for your personal information, but won't share any with you.

Watch out for these telltales of a faker. Of course, she may have good reasons for doing something on the list, but if she does ALL of them, then consider if she is really genuine. For a lowdown on the DateInAsia Scam

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